Spring Concert

I went to Colchester Grammar last night.
Saw Alex singing in the choir at the Spring Concert.
You’ll have to come one day!
It’s fabulous.
Alex has that same sense of humour we do (GSOH!).
He never means anything he says.
He’s only 14 and yet he knows.
We went to Nando’s first.
(I wrote: we could go to somewhere like Nando’s.
He wrote: good plan.
I wrote: Where shall we go?
He wrote (after some thought, I imagine): er… Nando’s?)

Anyway, they have this music teacher.
Dr Medlicott.
What a name!
(He is so gay.)
At nights like this, he totally runs things.
The headmaster even said, in the interval: I’d better say something now because Dr Medlicott will want to say something afterwards…

Anyway, Dr Medlicott definitely knows his stuff.
They played: Haydn, Mozart, Copland, Coates (The Dambusters March), Lotto…
But they also played: When I’m Sixty Four (for barbershop group), Benny Goodman (big band), and Survivor’s The Eye Of The Tiger (Junior Brass Band)! (It sounded like a Czech military band which had to play it for a state visit, and didn’t ‘get’ it at all.)

But the piece de resistance is kept for the end: the Disco Medley!
Tonight: Go West segues into YMCA segues into Enough Is Enough Is Enough segues into (finale!) It’s Raining Men!
It was (Alex said, and I agree): the best EVER!
Dr M conducted and kept turning to the sound man and gesturing: Turn! It!! UP!!!

You should see them: 100 boys (in purple blazers) and girls singing this medley, doing the moves, loving it.
And the parents: either ‘getting’ it or thinking (Essex man): you what?!
And Dr M, in his dream job.
Where else could he get 100 people to do the moves to YMCA…?
A grammar school in Essex!

Next time you will have to come…


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I had a stroke on July 26th, 2013. I was a screenwriter. Don’t do that anymore. But have found another way to write.

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