In Those Days I Could Still Eat Lobster – the book

Illustrated cover of In Those Days I Could Still Eat Lobster showing John looking out over the river stour

In July 2013, John Wrathall went swimming with his 3 sons. He was a screenwriter on a day off. The sons went in the river – and John had a stroke.

Three months’ rehab taught him to talk and walk again (sort of). But it was only when he went back home that he realised life would be very different. To add insult to (brain) injury, he found he couldn’t write.

But now 6 years later, he can. Differently…

This is a reminiscence of his life, his loves, his career, his passion for music and film, his depression – and his stroke.

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In prose that is crisp, lucid and often amused, John Wrathall tries to make sense of the defining cataclysmic event in his life, emerging six years on from a stroke with his mind and his perspective dramatically altered. ‘I tried to be “the same person” but I couldn’t fake it,’ he writes. And that’s one of the most seductive things about this memoir: every line rings with truth, most of it beautiful, some of it necessarily distressing, all of it shot through with sensitivity, intelligence and humour.

Ryan Gilbey, New Statesman

I hope it sells millions!

Jimmy McGovern (screenwriter of Broken, Cracker, Hillsborough and Care)

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