I’ve stopped pretending

It made me feel how I’ve been with her. Because when I became ill, I (felt I) had to defer to her. And it just didn’t work…

I think in choosing her (to be blunt) I thought I could handle a woman who didn’t like men (at least straight men) – because I didn’t like them either! Then three boys changed it: I (and she) did like men after all (a little…).

The stroke, and my ‘personality change’, pushed us over the edge, because I couldn’t pretend I WASN’T a man any longer!

She says I’ve changed! What if I’ve only stopped pretending?


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I had a stroke on July 26th, 2013. I was a screenwriter. Don’t do that anymore. But have found another way to write.

One thought on “I’ve stopped pretending”

  1. That is a really interesting thought/observation. Good material for a thriller. Do you feel like you’re making your way back to fiction by stopping pretending? I wonder.xL

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