You know what it’s like. So does my Mum, and perhaps James. But not Claire who said yesterday (on the phone): ‘it will get better.’

Well, not after 4 1/2 years…
So here’s today’s events (even by 2.10…).

1.19: get woken by purple light flashing. Means broadband still isn’t connected, 15 hours on. (It was supposed to be connected yesterday. I did it at my Mum’s last month. It took 5 mins at most.)
Get iPhone.
The iPhone has no power. This clearly wasn’t the case when I went to bed. The charging cable is right there, next to my bed! Surely I would have… But maybe not. Or maybe that phonecall of Dorna ‘s that I couldn’t turn off (for an hour and a quarter) has used it up?
Anyway, not a problem, I plug in iPhone to the charging cable next to bed.
Of course since it is absolutely dead it needs something extra. By 1.44 it’s charged 4%!

I discover a new email from M in response to my email expressing enthusiasm that he has got a job. He says (a bit cattily): ‘Ah! I did mention it … it was in the body of a previous email.
I thought you may not of read it. ‘
(People can’t help saying it. I know it by now! I used to have ‘above average intelligence ‘. Now it’s ‘average and in some cases below average ‘. If M’s insulted by my condition, think what it’s like for me! But of course they only think: Christ, he’s a bit slow… just like I feel with my father. Used to be bright. Now he’s 87 and asks: ‘is it Pointless yet?’ And then half an hour after Pointless says: has it been on yet?)

I write to M saying I make many mistakes, don’t remember things, mea culpa etc. I’d just like to know…

Finally I can ring 0800 800 150. At 1.56. But the office is closed until 8am. So that’s why the operative was so keen to say: may not be Tuesday before 23.59… it meant they’d be closed! (Can’t face going online. That way madness lies…)

I remember there was a dedicated broadband BT line. I search for it in emails. Then I remember: it’s in the Welcome booklet!
I try 0800 111 4567. It’s also shut until 8am.

Now it’s 2am and I’m wide awake. I decide to go through my emails and see what I’ve missed.
I find an older email from M. He’s right: I have no recollection of it. But it still doesn’t mention what the play is. I say (to be catty): is it Puss In Boots On Ice?
Then I have cramp in my left leg. It’s easier than my right because I can flex it.

The thought occurs to me: there must be compensation available. I’ve already spent an extra £10 on ‘data’ for my mobile because I haven’t had broadband.
No broadband means I haven’t been able to watch tv for 5 days! Is that the longest ever in the uk? Well, not if you count the Orkneys in 1998, because we didn’t have a tv then. So probably on the mainland…
That reminds me, when I’ve got a tv, to sort out my overpayment as I paid the tv licence and then Katy decided to as well. And she worries about not having enough money …

Well, now (because I type so slowly) it’s 2.58…
I remember I must email the builder. He said he’d finish on February 23rd. It’s now 19 days later and he doesn’t even come…


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I had a stroke on July 26th, 2013. I was a screenwriter. Don’t do that anymore. But have found another way to write.

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